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Advent Activity Calendar and a Decadent Hot Chocolate Recipe

You all, it's officially December and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate the holiday season this year. Chase is nearly 4 years old and so stoked for everything the Christmas spirit brings and with Zoe being 6 months old, she's the perfect age to be dazzled by the lights and sounds of Christmas. To foster a greater sense of cheer for the month and to get us all a little more eager for the season of giving, I've created a simple little advent calendar for us chalked full of activities to make each day a little more meaningful all month long. Some ideas are very simple, but serve as a little reminder of the true spirit of the season, like our first activity of smiling at someone to make their day a little brighter, some are about giving, like donating a toy to a local shelter, and some are pure fun like planting our own little Christmas tree like this one. I wrote each activity on a separate sheet of square note paper and using festive silver clothespins, clipped the…

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