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mothers day gift guide

details: slippers | perfume | necklace | earrings | tote bag | shorts | pjs | v-neck tee | crew neck tee | thermal top | jeans | chambray shirt | denim jacket
when a holiday rolls around, i love looking back and remembering what i did the same time last year, 5 years ago, etc. it's so special thinking about the memories made and what all i've accomplished since that time. for this reason, mothers day will always be extra meaningful for me. five years ago, i found out i was expecting my first child. it was such a surreal feeling, learning that the holiday would now hold more meaning than it ever had before and yet also not knowing what it would continue to mean to me as the years changed. with as magical as that "first" mothers day was for me, it wasn't near as special as each year that i get to spend enjoying my babies and all their sweet snuggles.

these pieces are all gifts that the special woman in your life will love now and even five years from now. there's…

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